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Welcome to Journey to Valbona,

since 2010 the best (and sometimes only) source of information for travel to the ‘wild’ (but very civilized) North of Albania.  When we started, we were only trying to provide a little helpful information with a wordpress blog, as information was so hard to find . . . but there were so many people, and so many questions!  In the past 7 years, somehow JtoV grew enormous (and really messy!  I just kept tacking on pages!).  We’ve helped literally 1,000s of guests and new friends connect with guesthouses, hiking trail information, and transportation but somehow also ended up getting mixed up in actively trying to help develop the services and business we saw that guests wanted, and helping to create new businesses and opportunities for local people.  That’s how we ended up marking, mapping and maintaining over 200km of hiking trails.  How we somehow became responsible for leading the legal battle against the bad hydropower developments that threatened the National Park, and started training Albania’s first Mountain Rescue Team . . . then there’s the library at the school.

ANYHOW:  The point is that the whole website got so messy, that we finally had to upgrade and reorganize.  We hope you like the new site (and don’t find any less personal or authentic).  Please do feel free to get in touch directly!  We love talking about Valbona, Albania, and take a sincere interest in other people’s holidays!

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The “Classic” Valbona to Theth Hike
Valbona, Accursed Mountains, Rrogam


4 days 4 nights
The 8 Day* “Peaks of Valbona (N)” Tour
Valbona, Quku i Valbonës, Kukaj, Accursed Mountains, Dragobi, Rrogam, Çerem


8 days, 8 nights max
The Valbona Guesthouse Tour
Valbona, Kukaj, Maskollata, Dragobi, Livadhet e Gjarperit, Rrogam, Gjelaj i Rrogamit, Çerem, Theth


5 days, 6 nights


Latest from the Journal


Down came a dicky-bird, and snipped off her nose I have been thinking.  As Lorelei Lee says “I seem to be thinking, practically all of the time.” Bits of thought float around my head. I’ve been reading Lord of the Rings, and perhaps more interestingly, what Tolkien himself wrote about writing it.  And what Christopher […]

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Shutting the Barn Door

For Bill Barlow, who asked. Three days ago, wolves ate one of my horses.  I got the news in a typically Tropojan fashion:  Someone saw the horse down, called Sadik, who owns the land where they’re pastured, who called Liridon, whose number he had, who called Jordi, who told me:  the Telephone game, whisper down […]

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Quarantine in Tropoja

Almost 11 years ago, I left New York City to move to a remote valley in the accursed mountains of Northern Albania.  When I moved here, there were no telephones, hardly any roads, and barely any cars.  The area was famed – even within Albania – for lawlessness and violence.  Foreigners wondered why I would […]

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