Welcome to Journey to Valbona . . . and Beyond!,

since 2010 the best (and sometimes only) source of information for travel to the ‘wild’ (but very civilized) North of Albania.  Over the past 13 years we have helped 1,000s of travellers and new friends get to where they want to go.  The ‘… and Beyond’ bit means that we now talk more for the whole region of Tropoja, without focussing solely on Valbona.  Furthermore, we think that Reality is more fun than the Anthropocene/Virtual world (I mean, that’s why you’re willing to physically come here, right?) . . . so we made a SHOP!  Please do stop by and see us in person.  We are located in Bajram Curri (so you pretty much have to pass by if you’re in the region), opposite the museum and statue of Bajram Curri (big guy with a big gun), and we come up on Google maps if you search the name.

Here on the website we try to answer questions and help get you to where you want to go.  In the shop we can also do all this – which is actually a lot easier when we’re in the same place talking face-to-face! as well as help you connect with people who don’t speak English – BUT we also sell stuff : local raki, jams, honey, handicrafts, POSTCARDS!, hiking maps, dried herbs, teas and medicinal plants, handmade carpets, handspun wool – basically if someone here makes it, we give them a place to sell it! PLUS we are now focussing on getting people AWAY from the obvious places – where you might now meet more tourists than local people and can’t see the stars at night anymore, which is fine if you like that sort of thing, but isn’t what we think makes Tropoja magical. So we promote the less-frequented destinations and rarer adventures (ie, we can get you kayaking, fishing, horse-hugging, cow-milking, wool-spinning, doily making, byrek-cooking, swimming, otter-spotting, mushroom hunting, cave-exploring . . . . ). And if you want to adopt a dog? Please let us help!

We love talking about Tropoja and take a sincere interest in other people’s holidays!  If you can’t stop by the shop, your best bet these days is to write a message on our facebook page, or send a whatsapp message (not calls, please!  we get too many weird calls so usually don’t answer numbers we don’t recognize) to +355 (0)68 36 05 795 or +355 (0)67 30 14 638.

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Kayaking on Valbona River


8 hours
The Valbona Guesthouse Tour
Valbona, Kukaj, Maskollata, Dragobi, Livadhet e Gjarperit, Rrogam, Gjelaj i Rrogamit, Çerem, Theth


5 days, 6 nights
The 8 Day* “Peaks of Valbona (N)” Tour
Valbona, Quku i Valbonës, Kukaj, Accursed Mountains, Dragobi, Rrogam, Çerem


8 days, 8 nights max


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The Challenge, Conundrum and (particularly pointy horns of the) Dilemma facing JourneytoValbona

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