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Trail warnings & closures

24 March 2020

Well, don’t really think anyone’s going to be hiking any time soon, but on the off chance that someone is thinking of heading up here – news is only that as of a few days ago it barely snowed at all, all winter – meaning that not much snow can have accumulated in passes.  Ordinarily you can’t really count on doing any through hiking until late May / early June, but all bets are off this year.  Last Saturday (the 21st), we went up to Likeni Ponarit (on the backside of the southern slopes of Valbona Valley), and found the lake still frozen but only scattered patches of snow starting around 1400m (see the picture!).  As soon as we get a chance to

check out the pass to Theth I’ll post more information on snow conditions.

These are just here to remind me what to update once it becomes possible.

Thethi  Trailhead:

Cerem Trailhead:

Maja e Gjarperit Trailhead:

Shpella e Dragobise:


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