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Transportation Update

24 March 2020

Hi Everyone.  Hope you are all well and safe.  Guess everyone is aware that the virus has shut down travel for now.  The airport in Tirana is effectively closed now and all borders too.  We’ll post any news we get here as – hopefully – travel frees up.  In the meantime, if you like to spend your time at home fantasizing about holidays – do feel free to get in touch.  We’re happy to keep answering questions and will use the extra time to finally get around to fixing stuff on the website and adding itineraries.  Do remember that – Albanians being basically cultural commitment-phobes – things are usually only arranged here at the last minute anyhow.  So when we are all able to travel again, there’s no reason not to bolt here asap.  There’s no virus up here yet, so it’s a good place to be!  I’ve just been googling “How to Build your Own Hot Air Balloon” . . . maybe we could offer chartered flights (floats?).