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26 May 2019: Current Weather

After what seemed like – and come to think of it probably was – a month (or two) of solid rain, everything is GREEN, the grass is tall and lush, and the rivers are full.  Making it a great time to start hiking!  There is still snow on peaks and in passes – and nights can dip down to almost freezing – so you should think carefully before planning multi-day hikes.  There may still be a shower overnight, in the morning, or I suppose in the evening.  But not dreary days long non-stop rain that makes you want to stay in bed.  The sun comes up at 5:00 am and sets at 20:00 pm Look for more details here (but ignore their thunderstorm warnings; they are slightly hyperbolic about thunder) https://www.accuweather.com/en/al/valbone/1556220/may-weather/1556220