quoteFor folk in such lands time has almost stood still.quote

- M. Edith Durham, High Albania

quoteHad we not come, we would not have become stars we are the great wide roadquote

- Azem Shkreli, Blood of the Quill

quoteNow and again a few black birds would swoop out from the fog as from another world, coast low and then vanish into thin air. Two or three times they thought they could make out the peaks of Bjeshkët e Nemuna, the Accursed Mountains.quote

- Ismail Kadare, The File on H

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Welcome! Mirë se Vini!

Welcome to the best online source of information about travelling to Valbona Valley, the heart of Albania’s wild “Accursed Mountains,” the Bjeshkët e Nemuna of the Malësi highlands. We look forward to helping you discover one of the most beautiful, mysterious and unexplored places in Europe! In addition to rambling on about how much we love Valbona, we offer advice about and/or services for: Getting here, Accommodation, What to do while you’re here and How to continue on. Please feel free to write to us with questions – as we love to talk about travel and take vicarious enjoyment in your journeys,  it is our pleasure to respond!

We don't offer dinner with Shoq, but just to show how weird we are! Special Activities
Thanks to having some awfully interesting friends, we are able to offer some unusual courses and activities, if you're interested in something other than hiking, eating, and sleeping . . . Or Dining with Rabbits, I guess. Morereadmore
Where to Stay Where to Stay
JourneytoValbona was "born" at Rilindja, so that's always our first recommendation, but with our NGO-promoting-tourism hat on, we also list as many fine guesthouses, hotels, shepherd farms and camping sites as we can. Morereadmore
Book the Hike to Theth Book 'the' Hike
New service this year! If you'd like to do the "classic" (Komani)Valbona - Theth hike, we can help you plan and even make all the bookings. This is part of an ongoing project to list More Tours! Morereadmore