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Transportation Update

15 July 2018

Komani Lake Ferries – ongoing interruptions!

Dragobia Passenger Ferry (departs Fierze @ 6:00, Koman @ 9:00) is running.  Through tickets from Tirana (20€) or Shkoder (15€) to Valbona can be purchased online at http://komanilakeferry.com/en/

Berisha Car Ferry (departs Fierze @ 13:00, Koman @ 9:00) has been blocked by the (stupid) Albanian Government (who can’t seem to get basic services running for citizens, but have discovered the joys of fining businesses and everyone else for everything else they can think of.  Including creating incomprehensible parking systems in cities, not explaining them, and then giving you lots of tickets.  My editorial).  We hope daily for them to get back to work!

Rozafa Car Ferry (departs Fierze @ 13:00, Koman @ 9:00?) has the same problem as Berisha and also isn’t running at the moment.  Tickets can be booked by calling directly: 068 52 54 496 (but I’m not sure he speaks English).

Alpin Car Ferry (departs Fierze @ 9:00, Koman @ 12:00) claims to be running daily, but as ever they are prone to cancel at the last minute and there was no response when I tried to book a ticket on line.  What with the other two car ferries being knocked out (Hm . . . suspicious?) they probably are getting more business so may be running more reliably.  But bear in mind that if they DO cancel the 9:00 ferry, you won’t have any other option than to drive back to wherever you’re going.  Not that, with a car, I suppose you DO have any other option at the moment anyhow, what with both of the other car ferries being blocked.