Valbona Valley Hiking Map



  • Gjelaj Village: Living Museum
  • Kollata Mountain
  • Peaks of Valbona: 8 days & 4 peaks Hiking Tour
  • Maja e Jezerca &...

Product Description

1: 30,000, A0 Format (84cm x 119cm), 15 plus shipping

This is it – your very own (kind of enormous) copy of the whole hiking map, including Theth, Vuthaj, and extending east to the edge of the national Park.  It just misses squeezing in Doberdol, but if you want that there’s a smaller, A3 version of that bit.  Please note this map does NOT have the trailnotes – if you need notes, you might want to choose the pocket maps instead?  It’s printed on high quality cotton paper.  I dropped one in Shala River once and dried it over a campfire and it was good as new the next day.  (Well, kind of crinkly, but that just made it look cooler in my humble opinion).  They’re not immune to ripping however, so you might want to put plastic tape around the edges on the back.  You think we should do that?  Tell me your opinion! (  They are also NOT prefolded – so if you’d like us to post it to you, is it okay if we fold it?  You can avoid this dilemma by stopping by our new JtoV Tourism Shop and Center in Bajram Curri.  If you email me, I can send you a map how to find us.  This is also a good idea if you want to look at the maps before making up your mind.

To learn more about the Trailmarking Program, visit or watch this video:

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