“What Do We Do in Spring?”

“What Do We Do in Spring?”

… as a friend once asked me.

“Er, fall in love?” I answered.

“NO!  We Clean!”

As she was visiting at the time this seemed a little bold, even to me, but then she did manage to deconstruct the very dead xmas tree that had been cluttering up my 4th floor apartment (I was afraid to move it, for fear of the shower of sharp, dry, weirdly-odorless pine needles which I knew would – and did – ensue).

Anyhow – Here in Valbona we really DO clean!  May 18th was the Second Annual “Pastrimi Pranverore” (Spring Cleaning) during which all the local school children, teachers, Shoqata members and yours truly picked up every bit of trash we could find.

Stay tuned for photographs of the ensuing Feste!

(And yes, those are happy hedgehogs on the poster!)