In Video: The Valbona Land Grab

In Video: The Valbona Land Grab

The first part of a short documentary about the fight of local villagers in Valbona, in Northern Albania, against an illegal land grab being made by the local government.

The second part of video about the fight of villagers in Valbona, Northern Albania, to fight an unethical land grab by the local government backed by foreign and aid funding.

Take Action on Valbona’s behalf:

Here’s what you can do:  Please write to the American Embassy in Tirana.  Here are the two addresses I could find online.  Maybe you have access to better addresses?

Phone: +(355) 4 2247 285

For good measure, you could cc the Albania media (and any other media you know):,,,

AND you could cc the two funders of the project:

Council for Europe Development Bank :
Fondit Shqiptar i Zhvilliment:

You could say something like:
(although I’m certainly not the best expert on how to write these things)

Dear Ambassador Withers:

I am writing to urge you to use all possible pressure to encourage the Albanian Government to address the ongoing situation in Valbona, Tropoja.  I know the people of Northern Albania have a deep affection for the American people following the events in Kosovo and that they believe we can help them when no one else will.  In honor of this friendship I believe the American Embassy should take an interest in the unethical actions of the local government, particularly as threats appear to be being made to an American Citizen.

Here are two videos which give more information.
Valbona Land Grab – Part 1:
Valbona Land Grab – Part 2:

Thank you sincerely for your urgent attention.