Papuce – House slippers

Handmade woolen over-sock slippers from Tropoja.


Product Description

As already (possibly exhaustively) discussed here, a lot of what women made in Tropoja had to do with combating COLD.  Some of the prettiest, and most characteristic were “papuce” – a sort of mini sock you put on top of your normal socks to either walk around the house or just keep your feet as toasty as possible.  Chances are good that if you catch people at home, you’ll still find the lady of the house with a sweet pair of socks, and a foot-covering of papuce, all slipped into house slippers.

We have piles of these hanging around the shop.  No matter how much they may look like woolen envelopes, stick your feet inside, and wriggle your toes.  Papuce are sweet!  Practical, warm, and PRETTY!