Hand spun wool


Hand spun wool from Tropojan sheep.


Product Description

To be totally honest, we have no idea how many meters of wool are included in one of these “tuf” or balls.  For now we just want you to know it exists.  In an area where traditional handicrafts are rapidly dying out, hand-spinning wool seems bizarrely to be holding its own.  I’m gonna guess this is mostly because women here just like to keep busy.  We will be working on representing this in a more ‘knitty-standardized” way – you know, right after we develop local hazelnut butter and the rest of it, but . . . all I’m saying for now is that 15 years ago (last time I was stateside), I saw that a ball of hand made wool would sell for 40$.  So it seems like someone out there would like to know that this exists?

Of course, if you’re a rabid (or even relatively healthy) knitter, who’d like to learn how to spin your own wool, Tropojan style, while on a visit here, we’d be delighted to connect you with a local woman.  Just let us know!  For now, we’re just offering wool in the color of the sheep, but years ago women also dyed their own wool.  I mean, that’s how they made these carpets.  I’d be super happy for an excuse to investigate!