Large Qylym from Farie Bardhoshi


Large qylym, 2.40 x  2.10 meters, never used.  Thirty years old.  From Dojan.


Product Description

Farie made this carpet 30 years ago when she got engaged.  It’s woven in two halves, stitched together – a common technique in all weaving here.  She is really hoping that you will like to buy this carpet, as she needs an operation for her back problems (sciatica) which otherwise she cannot afford.

Due to a fire, the photo in the gallery of her as a girl is one of the only photographs she still has.   Hard life, but her love of beauty shines in the amazing garden she lovingly maintains around the small neighborhood shop in Dojan which sells a few simple things like packets of crisps, playing cards, and the brand of cigarettes that her husband smokes (haha).  This shop is the family’s main source of income – with Farie, in spite of her back pain – walking into Bajram Curri daily to buy the stuff (and not at wholesale prices) which she stocks in the shop.  Her husband Skender earns what he can doing various tasks for other people, including cutting grass – that’s him in this post.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 240 × 210 cm