Grape Raki


Locally made Grape Raki from Dojan in Tropoja.  Priced by the half liter, although you can buy as much (or little) as you like.


Product Description

This is the classic standard which no Tropojan home is without.  Most houses keep at least a few lovingly tended vines, with serious cultivation happening in the warmer, lowland areas.  One of the major activities of April is the annual spring care for grape vines – loosening the soil, adding some manure, pruning the vines (but ONLY when the moon is in the right phase!!!), rebuilding trellises and tying up the new growth for a new year of production.  If you’re planning a spring visit (and the moon will be full) you’re welcome to join in!

Remember that Raki can also be used for lighting fires, disinfecting wounds and (in my experience) cleaning whiteboards when the kids have drawn all over them with permanent markers.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg