Frozen Cornelian Cherries (Thana)

Frozen wild cornelian cherries from Tropoja.  Packed in half-kilo boxes.


Product Description

In addition to the syrup and compote we offer in the shop, we also just bunged some Thana into the freezer.  This is because our friend Shpresa makes an amazing and refreshing juice year round and her apparently inexhaustible supply comes because she stockpiles frozen berries.  Toss a handful into a jug of water, add a bit of sugar (to taste), let sit in the fridge for a bit, and hey presto, you have an AMAZING, delicious and refreshing juice.  (Plus of course you get to gobble up the berries from the bottom of your glass.)  In summer 2023, we look forward to welcoming visitors to the shop with a glass!  (That’s tradition here:  All guests are to be welcomed with a glass of something, and a small snack.  Most often these days it’s horrible atomic store-bought juice, and a bunch of caramels that you don’t really want – although I’m always happy to find them in my pocket at some later date – no matter how much lint they’ve accumulated.)