Frozen Wild Strawberries

Frozen wild strawberries from Tropoja.  Packed in half kilo boxes.


Product Description

This is another one of the delights of life in Tropoja.  Around about June, if there hasn’t been a late snow, the mountains are heaving with these tiny berries, each berry packing the flavor (I swear) of a whole BOX of those gigantic store-bought berries.  They’re also – for me at least – one of those things here that you learn to prize-above-rubies because you just can’t predict when you’ll get them.  You can wait all year for strawberry season, but get a late snow, and it will be TWO years (or – oh god, perish the thought – three?!) before you taste them again.  Then again, some years they are (in the words of Anne Sexton) “too many to eat.”  Although you can give it a darn good try.

In 2023 (snows permitting) we’ll try to come up with more strawberry-based ‘products.’  One of those years I got tossed into the kitchen at Rilindja, local kids brought so many strawberries that I was even making strawberry butter (inspired by Tom’s diner in Brooklyn).  That was a good month . . .