Dried Yellow Gentian Root


Dried roots of the endangered (sorry! really, really sorry!) Yellow Gentian plant (Gentiana lutea).  Priced for 100g.

Product Description

I have to say that we feel a bit guilty about selling this as – after buying a bunch of it – we realized that Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea) is actually an endangered species.  Although not apparently around here, as people are able to find enough of it to sell, mostly as it’s considered a tremendous medicine (after soaking in raki) for strengthening the heart.  Internet searches make no mention of this – the internet says it’s good for digestive ailments.  Yet another good research project here somewhere.  Although maybe not, if we want to protect it?  Oh sigh for the impossibility of being ethical.  Well, for now, whatever – until our stock runs out – after which, I guess, we won’t be replacing it.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg