Dried Nettles


Dried stinging nettles for making tea.  Priced for 50g.

Product Description

Hitha or nettles (Urtica dioica) are of course common as muck.  Maybe even more so (since they grow happily in muck!).  As a tea, there are claims they help with urinary tract infections and joint pain.  Around here, they’re also valued in spring (before they mature to full stinging potential) for making byrek and laknor (a kind of filled cornbread).  Anecdotally – and kind of horribly cleverly – beating with nettles was a traditional punishment for naughty children or shameless women.  As recently as last year, I’ve heard disgusted locals grumble that they were “going to get the nettles” when they noticed some Germans skinny dipping in the river.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg