Greetings! Përshëndetje!

Welcome to the online home of Hotel Rilindja and your source of information about travel to the Valbona Valley of the Albanian Highlands or Malësi, the heart of Albania’s wild “Accursed Mountains.”

Pleased to meet you! Gëzohem që u njohëm!

When you visit the Malësi, in addition to being warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the local people, you experience perhaps the last stronghold of an old-world hospitality, in which the host is not only inclined to welcome you, but is in fact honor-bound protect the well-being of their visitors. Come see us for a uniquely unspoiled experience of nature, for incredible hiking, for the delicious traditional food, for one of the oldest and best-preserved cultures in Europe, for the splendor of the scenery, and for the slow-paced pleasure of a way of life that you may have thought didn’t exist anymore.

We look forward to helping you become one of the first to rediscover the most beautiful, mysterious and unexplored place in Europe!