The Ad-Hoc, Skiing in Valbona, Conversation-Piece Post

The Ad-Hoc, Skiing in Valbona, Conversation-Piece Post

So!  A few years ago, an intrepid group of skiiers came (thanks to Outdoor Albania) to stay with Sose and Alfred.  They were exploring the possibilities of what I think is called “Ski Touring.”  Every winter since then there’s been one or two groups of pioneers arriving to explore the possibilities, and their articles are sprinkled around the web.  A quick grab-bag includes:

Lea Hartl on Powder Guide (thanks for the photo, which I gleefully filched!)

Cristina Drafta in Argophilia

Kellie Okonek mentions us in her blog, and is how I found the Lea Hartl artcl (ha ha).  She was also my favorite person who visited us all that winter, so you should have fun maybe reading her blog?

There’s probably more out there, as people often contact me saying they’re writing articles and promising to let me know when they’re published . . . . so far I’m still waiting for the heads up . . . .

At any rate.

The point of this “post” is for the four or five people who’ve already asked me – and any of you others out there who may be interested – to have a way of contacting each other and sharing information about SKIING IN VALBONA.  You can maybe post comments below as a way of contacting each other and getting organized?  A bunch of you seem to be from Swizerland . . . . ?

Of course, we would LOVE to welcome any of you out there who want to come.  We can offer:  Warmth, GREAT food, a cozy cabin environment (with NO television, especially, even if we fix it, No-Television-Playing-Endless-Silvester-Stallone-Prison-Movies (hey Kellie!  We didn’t forget you!), and some sort of all-inclusive (reasonable!) transport fee, to ferry you to and from good skiing locations.  What we can’t offer you is to say that we know much about skiing, so although we’re happy to spend hours pouring over maps (which we HAVE) and plotting good spots (and for ‘first descents’), and although we’ll happily cart you around the valley and make sure we get you to where you want to start – and of course bring you back again, we can’t really go with you . . . . unless of course someone brings us some skiis . . . . . hm . . . . .

Anyhow.  Here’s the space for you – now carry on!  Oh.  And two more (stolen!!!) photographs to inspire you!