Beaded bracelets


Hand beaded bracelets.


Product Description

These bracelets are really sweet.  Roll them over your fist and – if you’re like me – you’re likely to leave them there for . . . well, years.  I only removed the ones Elisa on Gjarper made for me when I had to bury a much loved dog, and . . . well, call me superstitious, or irrational, but I felt like I ought to add a sort of tomb offering.  So into the grave went my precious bracelets.  That’s probably kind of too-much-information?

Anyhow, there’s a great tradition of beading in Tropoja.  For a while we had a bunch of fabulous necklaces – so fabulous that we somehow accidentally sold them all, before we were even properly open.  So stay tuned, as we build up our stock again.