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Hi All!  Well, in 2017 I’m finally getting back to offering to arrange this whole tour for people who like to ditch the hassle.  The cost works out to be around 150-315€ per person for two people (that’s including 4 nights of accommodation!), depending on how many little luxuries you like to include – and of course it can be tailored for any number of people (which affects the per person price).  This was just to give a ballpark idea.  This plan leaves all your options open so you can choose what you like, but you don’t have to bother making all the individual reservations yourself.  How’s that?

If you want more information about what the hike is like, or different ways of planning how to move around the North, you can look at THIS PAGE, but I’m not going to include a lot of information here (again) because: 1) I write too much anyhow (or so I’m told!) and 2) I’m trying to keep this simple!

SO!  If you like to find out what your ideal trip would cost, fill it out the form:

(At the very least, it may help you focus on what all your options are!  In which case, I hope you find it useful.)