Return Policy

Returns Policy!

I have a feeling this may be something that evolves over time, but we DO want you to be happy at the same time that we need to be realistic.  Well, try to be.

For now, for any tangible items purchased: maps, tshirts, totebags etc, I’m assuming that most of the people buying things online will either:  Pick them up on arrival in Valbona OR have them shipped internationally.

In the case of picking up here, if when you get here you don’t like what you see, you’re free to exchange it or get your money back, in cash (lek or euro), since at the moment I have no idea how electronic refunds will work.

In the case of shipping, things get more complicated since there is NO fancy private shipping company here, just the “Posta Shqiptare.”  This means that if you REALLY hate something, you’re welcome to ship it back to us, to the General Delivery post office of Bajram Curri:


c/o Catherine Bohne

Rruga Sulejman Vokshi

Bajram Curri




And then we’ll happily refund you the cost of the item(s).  In this case we’ll probably need to refund you through paypal, although all of this will become clearer once we actually get the ecommerce working (which we CAN’T do until we write this returns policy, so as of July 2018, it’s a bit of catch-22).  Albanian postage is pretty cheap, so that’s not a big cost to worry about.  I’m afraid the cost of return shipping it will be more.


For services and accommodations (ie, non-tangible things, paid for in advance of arriving).


Cancellations, even last minute are not a problem, and have no penalties.  The service fees however are non-refundable, since whether the service is used or not, the work was done – and cancellations actually create TWICE as much work (undoing all the first work, you see).


The above seems realistic to me UNLESS of course you’re really unhappy, and write explaining why, in which case sticking some cash in an envelope and posting it is always an option of last resort.


Please do feel free to give us feedback on this policy, since we are clearly not very attached to it!