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I wonder if this can be partially combatted through a local approach. Is there a way of presenting the dangers of overtourism to local hosts that presents them with the destructive reality and leaves a bitter taste in their mouths, without glazing over the reality that mass tourism CAN represent an important economic gain. A binder with photos of places overrun with tourists, complaints from residents in Venice, etc.

Could we design a workshop or exercise that allows people to assign a symbolic value to a tradition, object or experience representative of the valley (stupid example, but picking berries or harvesting walnuts). Then, during the exercise they are faced with tourist $$, ask would you trade never picking berries peacefully again for the present financial gain? This would help people put a price on the value of their traditions, and raise their prices to reflect this protection.

We can also use Nepal as a case study, where it is common for foreigners to pay a higher price than locals; it is also well explained to foreigners why they pay a higher price.