Quku i Valbonës

Translates as “Valbona Hollow.” This is one of the enclaves of the oldest Valbona family, the Selimaj, and also where Alfred Selimaj (my best friend and guardian angel) started his vision of an economic rebirth for the region back in 2005. Actually just nine families, it’s proliferating guesthouses and services at a rate I have a hard time keeping up with, but is most notably now the smallest village with the most sophisticated offerings. This was the initial home of JourneytoValbona and so not surprisingly has the best on-hand information about hiking, with a range of accommodation options from the fanciest rooms in the Valley to homestays and the best camping. It’s a good central location for some of the most popular hiking trailheads including: Cerem, Maja e Gjarperit, Rruga e Puntorve, Maja e Kollates and the Bregu i Lumit trails.