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Balkan Tour Hike

Balkan Tour Hike: 7 days of Hiking, 8 nights of Accommodation.

Nice Dutch guy is looking for people to share the hike (and guide cost) with him:

The 8 Day Mini Balkan Tour (no camping necessary, not possible with a horse, we can get the border-crossing permission).   This is obviously a modified version of Peaks of the Balkans.  As noted on the page, we’re still exploring more trail options, but anyhow, at least there’s a decent map and rough pricing with local rates.

You’ll see on the map that you can collapse some of these days.  My favorite guide says the hike from Plav to Vuthaj is dumb, because it’s almost all on an asphalt road, so I’m trying to think of a way around that.  We’re also supposed to go GPS a new trail which goes from Livadhet e Gjarperit (Arif Kadris’ “#2” on the Map) up the Milloshit Valley to Markofshe.  Guesthouses are available in each of the stops (#1-8).  You can’t take a horse.  What else do you need to know? At a rough estimate, the cost (if you don’t collapse days) should be minimally 510€ (no guide, no camping, just accommodation) for 2 people (255€ per person for 8 days).  If you want a guide and to take transport to Vuthaj, it’s more like 660€ per person – for 2 people.  As ever, email me: with questions OR if you want us to book the whole thing for you.

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