Special Offerings from Visiting Friends!

Thanks to having some pretty darn interestin’ friends, Rilindja is pleased to offer the following activities this summer.  Please contact catherine@journeytovalbona.com to check availability, and to connect with the people doing the actual guiding (coaching, teaching, training, etc.)   ‘Course, even if you’re not staying at Rilindja you can join in, just takes a bit more organizing.

Rock-climbing Courses:  for beginners or intermediates

With Wolfgang Schuess, founder of Lobo Ventura


Beginners Course:

Duration: 3 hours

This course is aimed at people who would like to have a try at rock-climbing in the Valbona Valley, but know nothing about it. This is a great alternative if you want to have a different experience in the Accursed Mountains, giving you the possibility to have a go at climbing some rock faces in the valley with the safety of a qualified climbing instructor.

[CB notes: Hey!  That’s a picture of our Mountain Rescue Team getting trained last summer! Also by the Wonderful Wolfgang!]


What do you need to bring?

The Climbing Coach (Wolfgang!) has all the necessary climbing equipment (helmet, harness & climbing rope) for the duration of the course. You will need to bring only some outdoor clothing (preferably on yer body), some water, sun screen protection and trainers if possible (trekking boots are also good).


Where will we meet?

The course usually starts at the Guesthouse Rilindja but alternative pick up and drop of can be arranged.


1-2 People: 50 Euros

Each extra person: 20 Euros


Rock-climbing Course for intermediates:

Duration: 3-5 hours

This course will focus on giving people who have been climbing in the past the chance to further develop their skills as rockclimbers. The course varies on the skills of the participants and will be discussed before the session, but could include placing natural protection, using different belay devices, setting up a belay on natural protection or how to manage fear on a hard climb.


1 Person: 35 Euros

2 People: 55 Euros

3 People: 70 Euros


Streamwalk the Valbona River:

With Wolfgang Schuess, founder of Lobo Ventura

Duration: 2 hours (or thereabouts)


General Information:

Have you ever walked up a running stream? Have you ever walked IN it?  We will be discovering the Valbona River and its beautiful nature while walking next to and in the Valbona River. This is a great activity on warm days as we will be getting shade and cool water from the river.

We will cross river sections up to 40cm deep so make sure you bring a towel and some change in case you get wet. We will be supplying some basic walking sticks which will help you to maneuver safely in the waterflow.


What do you need to bring?

For this streamwalk you need to bring some clothes you don’t mind getting wet. It is advised to wear long trousers who will dry quickly (jeans is not a great option). If you have a spare pair of runners which have a good sole bring them with you.


Where will we meet?

The course usually starts at the Guesthouse Rilindja where the streamwalk starts, but alternative pick up and drop of can be arranged.


1-2 People:  30 Euros

Each extra person: 10 Euros



(You knew it was going to happen!)

Duration: 1 hour minimum

Cost: 20€ per hour.  Ask about group rates.


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