Quku i Valbonës Guesthouse

Ask a Selimaj when something happened, and the first thing they will do is start counting back through the generations to orient themselves. Thus we know it was Selim Prëtashi who 10 generations ago first settled the Selimaj in Valbona. Today the latest generation continue to live in the handful of 100 year old farmhouses that comprise the hamlet of Quku i Valbonës (‘Valbona Hollow’).  Since tourism took off starting 10 years ago, there’s been a fair bit of construction and adaptation so the village now combines the charm and interest of a working traditional family farm hamlet with tastefully modernized facilities indoors.

The Hostel was Alfred Selimaj’s family home up until a few years ago. Now it is a functioning hostel with 4 rooms upstairs which have a total of 16 bunk beds (well, 8 sets of bunks; 16 beds).  There’s also a full and enormous lounge/common room upstairs with sofas and fireplace, as well as a (similarly enormous) dining room downstairs where meals are served and there’s a small coffee-bar open all day.  Starting in 2017 Alfred plans to install a “proper” kitchen (and chef!) so full meals will be available.

If you get tired of relaxing, you are welcome to stroll along with one of the aunties in the evening to bring the cows home, try your hand at scything the grass fields or spinning wool, or grind your own corn in the farm’s mill to make your bread.


  • Capacity: sleeps 16, all in “bunk-style” beds, in four rooms (2 large rooms for 6 each, and two small rooms for 2 each)
  • There are 2 shared bathrooms, one with shower, one with bath.
  • Large common room / lounge upstairs, large dining room downstairs which, starting in 2017 will be open for all meals.
  • There’s also an outdoor sitting area in a crazy sort of gazebo built over an enormous boulder.
  • NB:  There are no facilities for self-catering.

Click HERE to book it yourself using our online booking engine, or feel free to contact Catherine@journeytovalbona.com.


  • 15€ per person, per night with breakfast (6€ for children under 12)


  • 50€ per day for a guide
  • 50€ per day for a horse-and-boy

  • 25€ for private transportation from Bajram Curri

  • 25€ for private transportation to Gjelaj (start of the trail to Theth)

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