Starring: Rilindja’s First International Volunteers!

Starring: Rilindja’s First International Volunteers!

Hello, hello!

We’re oh so pleased to be bringing you this guest blog post about weeks 1 and 2 of our three week stay in Valbona Valley. After doing a bit of research into the tourist mapping situation in the Balkans, we were kindly offered a spot in the Journey to Valbona family in exchange for a little cartography expertise. Ian is an urban planner with map making skills and Ellie is a public health nurse.

What an adventure this has been! We arrived with our sights set firmly on the goal of making 1 really fantastic tourist map and have ended up flexing our muscles in, among other things, sheep care, chronic disease management, and trail maintenance.

The map is in its final editing stages (yay!) and after having all sorts of Albanian language inside jokes that are not actual place names removed, it will be ready for your consumption here at Rilindja.

Until then,