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Postcards of views and interest from around Tropoja – including Valbona, although Valbona is not the overwhelming focus! (Tropoja is “so full of a number of things”)

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Okay – You’re hardly going to order postcards to send to people from wherever you are now that isn’t here (unless you’re doing that SNL thing of faking that you’re on vacation, in order to avoid people?  We could help with that!).  BUT!  On the off chance that you’re one of those people that actually collects postcards (I had a drawer full of them when I was a kid, which I lovingly hoarded and flipped through) – OR if you’re using this shop online thing to see what we have . . . OR I guess you might want to order them ahead of time, and bring them with you and post as you go?  I mean, since postcards of Tropoja are pretty hard to find, except for in our shop, and you might not make it here . . . well, in ANY case:  Here’s a gallery of the postcards we have at the moment!

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Dimensions 14.8 × 10.5 cm

Single Card, 3 Cards, 16 Card Collection, 24 Card Collection