Large Sexhade from Mirjeta Kucana


Large sexhade, 2.2 x 1.5 meters, never used.  Twenty-five years old.  From Berbati in Gashi.


Product Description

Twenty-five years ago, Mirjeta Osmaj from Berbat, deep in the Gashi valley, got engaged to a Kucana boy from Shipshan, near the Kosovar border.  Both areas are traditionally part of the Gashi clan, known for being strong.  Even today, the Gashi territories remain some of the most beautiful and least-visited parts of Tropoja, with Mirjeta’s home of Berbat located deep in the center of one of the most remote parts of the Gashi Strictly Protected Area.

Once engaged, Mirjeta set to and made herself some carpets to add to her trousseau.  She is looking to sell a large sexhade (2.2 x 1.5 meters) she never actually used, as well as a smaller throw rug (1.6 x .65 meters).

Today she and her husband live in an apartment in Bajram Curri, where they’ve lived for 15 years. She works with her sister at a bakery near our shop.  Mirjeta and her husband have 3 sons and no daughters.  Her husband’s house in Shipshan is still standing, and completely traditional. The money from the carpets will go to upkeep on the traditional family home, which the carpet’s new owners are welcome to visit for a taste of truly traditional highland life.

Gallery details include a picture of the back of the carpet (where you can see it was never used).

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 220 × 150 cm