This area brings us full circle, being located just to the south of Valbona valley (across some MORE mountains), and is dominated by the Curraj River.  A few years ago, the municipality bulldozed (without any seeming planning) a dirt track to Curraj Eperm (which the locals were NOT happy about) but I think it can still only really be used by 4×4 vehicles, if at all.

This road is washed with blood, tears and sweat to travel to the West

The once “lost village” of Curraj Eperm used to be the most obscure destination for long range hikers – and as such has a reputation for wild hiking, although is still much less visited than Valbona valley.  

There are at least two of Tropoja’s most sophisticated horse-enthusiasts in this area, both of whom are working on starting guesthouses catering to horse riders.

The area was also extensively explored by Italian cavers, and although no one here has much record of it, apparently they found some pretty amazing and enormous cave systems.  More information could certainly be found.

There’s also a potential alternative hiking route to get to Theth, through the forest to Nderlysa.  I haven’t done this personally, and years ago it was super hard to find, but I believe it is more used these days.  Things to explore in 2022!

Truly hard explorers could actually use this route to then turn south and follow the Shala river down to Komani – we hiked up this a few years ago and it was NOT easy to find, but it was beautiful.

Hiking to Curraj Eperm

Favorite Itinerary

Runners Up: 

– “Proper” horse riding

– Hike to Nderlysa in Theth