Okay, okay – I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but demand is now reaching all-time new highs.  Those of you who’ve written, thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on this page as the tours listed grow daily!

You can either use these plans simply to get ideas of what you could do – and what it might cost – or you can book any of them which need reservations through us with one easy payment, and we’ll make sure you’re expected.  For things which involve staying in remote areas with no telephone signals or English-speakers, this is probably a good idea.  As ever, we’re not offering cookie-cutter tours, but offering to help plan whateveritis you decide you want to do.

The Ever-Famous, “Classic” Valbona to Theth Hike

The Valbona to Theth Hike plan shown here actually starts and ends in Shkoder, as that’s what people ask about most often, but you can use this route to plan your own, or book the whole thing through us.


Multiple Day Hikes around Valbona (and beyond), with or without camping (as noted)

The 4 Day Gjarper Mountain Loop (no camping necessary).  A very nice, not-so-stressful, tour around one of the most beautiful mountains in Valbona, where you can sleep with a (sometimes-basic) roof over your head each night, if you like.  Can also be easily modified to be a 2-day hike if you don’t want to spend so much time looking around and experiencing the culture.  Fine for people with Reasonable Children.



The 8 Day Peaks of Valbona (N) Route (some camping – without water or firewood – needed).  I am FINALLY posting (what it’s taken me 7 years to learn): just ONE of the ways to spend a week hiking around Valbona, staying in the mountains, hitting stans, peaks & camping, and never coming down.  For hard-core camping hikers, who don’t mind a bit of poking around to find the way.  Might need a guide on the last day.  Absolutely not recommended for Children (unless they’re super-precocious and self-sufficient).


The 8 Day Mini Balkan Tour (no camping necessary, not possible with a horse, we can get the border-crossing permission).   This is obviously a modified version of Peaks of the Balkans.  As noted on the page, we’re still exploring more trail options, but anyhow, at least there’s a decent map and rough pricing with local rates.

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